What To Know About Using Clarifying Shampoo For Colored Hair

What To Know About Using Clarifying Shampoo For Colored Hair

When hair color treatments can range from $35 to $150, it’s worth figuring out just how you can take care of that color.

With the right kinds of shampoo and conditioner, your hair treatment is sure to last. Whether you did it yourself at home or had a professional job, you’ll keep your look for washes and for weeks.

On the other hand, the wrong kind of shampoo can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your treatment.

Still, you know you’ll need to wash your hair at some point so it’s important to know how to proceed. Even more important is making sure you get the deep clean that comes with a clarifying shampoo.

So today we are sharing the best practices for using clarifying shampoo for colored hair.


Are Clarifying Shampoos Safe For Color Treated Hair?

Clarifying shampoos work by giving us a satisfying deep clean that gets rid of the buildup on our scalp. 

Used too often, though, they can dry out and dull your hair. You should be especially careful if your hair has been dyed, as the surfactants that clean your hair can also dampen its shine. 

This can be confusing, because normally clarifying shampoo can brighten your hair. How can those both be true? 

Let’s break it down.

One of the reasons hair can begin to look dim is that minerals and product buildup affect its luster. When a clarifying shampoo’s surfactants knock out that buildup, your hair’s tone is brightened by comparison.

If, however, your hair has been artificially colored, the same surfactants that are removing buildup and residue can dim the vivid hue, corrective color, or dark dye.

A good rule to follow: if the clarifying shampoo bottle doesn’t say it’s safe for color treated hair, it likely isn’t. Follow that rule, and you’ll find a clarifying shampoo for colored hair that works for you.


How Clarifying Shampoo Can Be Used To Remove Hair Dye

An interesting twist on this idea, though, is that clarifying shampoo is an effective way to remove hair dye from colored hair. If you are not a fan of how your home-dyed hair looks, or you’re just ready to get back to your natural color, using clarifying shampoo can speed up that process.

That’s because the same components that deep clean your hair can also loosen the grasp of the hair dye. In a sense, it’s like you are exfoliating your hair by scrubbing off anything that’s sticking to the hair. 

Thanks to its composition, clarifying shampoo is a solid method for removing many semi-permanent colorants.


How To Use Clarifying Shampoo With Colored Hair

If you do have colored hair and you’re wondering how to treat it, it’s best to look for clarifying shampoo for color-treated hair.

These clarifying shampoos work by removing the excess sebum, a naturally occurring oil, from the hair shaft. Milder surfactants won’t be so aggressive as to affect hair dye, though.

A clarifying shampoo for colored hair will still remove the residue that comes from your daily life. Whether that’s chlorine from the pool, pollutants from the city, or styling products, you’ll still be able to enjoy the deep-cleansing advantages of clarifying shampoo without losing your hair’s new color.


Try My Moxy Clarifying Shampoo

If you’re looking for a mild clarifying shampoo that won’t strip your hair of its color, My Moxy Clarifying Shampoo is a great option.

Crafted from natural, raw ingredients, it was designed to remove daily build up and help you rebuild your hair without any of the unnecessary chemicals. We’ve left out harmful ingredients like sulfates, fillers, and additives to help you feel better - and to be better for the environment, too.

Plus, it’s made with the mildest surfactants for a great clean that leaves your color intact. Learn more about My Moxy Clarifying Shampoo here.

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