Why Use Clarifying Shampoo For Men’s Hair?

Why Use Clarifying Shampoo For Men’s Hair?

Take a walk down the hair care aisle at your local grocery store and you’re bound to notice some differences between the sides.

Beyond the abundance of styles and hair colors presented on women’s shampoo bottles, you may also notice some other types of shampoos, too.

One of these types is a clarifying shampoo. Though it’s been featured in many women’s hair care blogs and sites, the truth is that it’s just as effective (and important) for men as it is for women.

Today, we’re going into the details about why clarifying shampoo for men should be an essential part of your hair care routine.


What is clarifying shampoo?

Let’s start off with the simplest way of thinking about a clarifying shampoo: it’s a shampoo that cleans more deeply than a regular shampoo.

You can think of it like a hair detox. A hair cleanse. A hair purge. By knocking out the bad stuff in your hair, your hair is left feeling good.

While it may seem like all shampoos are created equal - that they’re all designed to, you know, clean your hair - that’s not true.

Some traditional shampoos have additional ingredients that aren’t necessary for the cleaning process. Instead, they’re ingredients like sulfates, which are added to make your shampoo foam and sud. Others, like silicone, are added to make your hair feel slick and smooth after use.

Over time, these ingredients tend to build up in your scalp. They accumulate alongside your natural oils and pollution from the environment, creating a residue that leaves your hair less healthy.

This also happens if you are active, or if you use a lot of styling products. Ultimately, this buildup can lead to an itchy, flakey scalp.

Fortunately, a deep-cleansing shampoo, also known as clarifying shampoo for men, can get you a deeper clean that restores your scalp’s natural balance.


What are the benefits of clarifying shampoo for men?

Clarifying shampoos act as what are called chelating agents. Chelating is the process by which droplets of shampoo draw out minerals, dirt, oils, bacteria, and other impurities from your hair. 

From that point, a quick rinse leaves your hair clean.

The benefits of clarifying shampoo for men’s hair include removing the natural buildup, pollutants from the environment, and residue from your hair care products.

What’s more, men tend to produce more sebum than women do. Sebum is an oily, waxy substance designed to protect your skin. Left untreated, it can tend to the buildup we described earlier with itchy, flakey side effects. 

Clarifying shampoos, which include surfactants, can help remove all of that grease.


How men can use clarifying shampoo in their shower routine

Using a clarifying shampoo for men is fairly straightforward. One key thing to keep in mind is that a clarifying shampoo cleans more deeply than a regular shampoo. Because of that, you won’t be using it every day. 

Instead, try picking a day of the week. Give yourself a bit more time than normal, as you’ll be leaving it in your hair for at least a minute.

Once you rinse the clarifying shampoo out of your hair, use a conditioner. Because clarifying shampoos clean so deeply, they can also remove some of the moisture from your hair. By applying a hair conditioner right after, you’ll be good to go.

From there, consider trying it twice a month on that day of the week to keep it easy. If it’s effective, or you find your hair is still getting a lot of buildup in between sessions, you can move to weekly.


How does My Moxy Clarifying Shampoo help men’s hair

Shampoos like My Moxy’s Clarifying Shampoo can get rid of buildup and help your hair and scalp get back to their natural state because they have a deep-cleaning formula.

Specially formulated with a mix of natural ingredients and safe scientific ones, My Moxy uses mild surfactants to keep your hair safe - while still knocking out everyday buildup. Thanks to a high dose of superfruits (like blueberry and cranberry), a molecule derived from Borage Oil, and biodegradable, plant-based cleansers, you get an all-around pleasant shampooing experience.

For a clarifying shampoo for men that’s gentle, effective, and cleansing, try My Moxy Clarifying Shampoo today.

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