5 Signs You’re Using The Wrong Shampoo

5 Signs You’re Using The Wrong Shampoo

Hair feeling lifeless, flat, or funky? You could be using the wrong shampoo. 

With so many different types of hair and even more types of shampoo, it can be hard to actually pinpoint the problem. Is it just our hair? Is it the water? Or is it… the shampoo?

Today, we’re going to pull back the shower curtain on the common signs that you’re using the wrong shampoo. While it sounds like a simple mix-up, know that not addressing the problem can lead to more serious hair concerns later on, including dryness, frizziness, greasiness, and even in some cases, hair falling out.

Remember, if you identify with some of the signs below, don’t worry - this is plenty common! We’re not going to leave you hanging - after pointing out some of the signs, we’ll follow that up with some ways to solve those problems, too.


Hair Problem #1: Dull Hair 

Like every shampoo commercial we’ve ever seen, we’d all like to have hair that shimmers and sparkles and catches the light just so.

If that doesn’t describe what you see when you look in the mirror, you may be dealing with dull hair. 

The culprit for hair not shining the way you’d hope? Your shampoo. 

The wrong kind of shampoo could be taking away the nutrients which your hair needs to shine, leaving it lacking in luster instead. 

In looking for solutions that revive dull hair, you may want to consider a cleansing shampoo that could scrub away some of the buildup that comes from lower-quality shampoos. 


Hair Problem #2: Greasy Scalp 

The dream of soft, luscious hair is being able to run our hands through it with ease.

When using the wrong shampoo, it can leave your scalp greasy and your ends dry. Rather than the free-flowing, fresh-feeling hair, you’re left with hair you’re not happy with. When that hair falls in front of your face, like with the bangs you’ve spent so much time caring for, the problem is that much worse.

Greasy scalps happen when your hair is stripped of its natural oils. This can happen with certain brands of shampoos. The result is your sebaceous glands produce more oil, which you may try and counteract with more shampoo.

Avoid this vicious cycle with paraben and silicone-free shampoos. By removing the buildup and letting your skin work its natural magic, you’ll get back hair worth dreaming about.


Hair Problem #3: Never-Ending Knots

Fighting against unending knots can be exhausting. What’s worse - if the knots get bad enough it can lead to taking more extreme measures to remove them.

Always tangled tresses have one common root: using the wrong shampoo. When your hair is stripped of its natural moisture, it leaves you with rough, tangle-filled locks that can’t help but end up in knots.

Solving this problem means switching out your current shampoo for one that smooths it out and hydrates it. The best shampoo solutions will be paraben and dye-free, as those can contribute to the very problems we’re trying to solve.


Hair Problem #4: Frizzy Hair

If everytime you wash your hair, it ends up frizzy, it’s hard to look forward to wash-day.

Frizziness is caused by dryness, excess friction, and heat damage. When the chemicals in your shampoo affect your scalp and dry out your hair, it’s impossible for you to hold onto the moisture necessary to combat frizz.

Find shampoos that use superfruits and ingredients like blueberries and cranberries that infuse your hair with Vitamins A & E for all-natural moisture.


Hair Problem #5: Hair That Refuses To Be Styled

Another sign of using the wrong shampoo is its refusal to stay in place. No matter what you do, which tool you use, or how often you brush it, your hair still looks wild.

This inconsistent look is a hair that has been stripped of its essential nourishment. 

Seek out a shampoo like My Moxy Clarifying Shampoo that ​​contains gamma linolenic acid to enhance and augment the scalp’s natural barrier system required to maintain healthy skin and scalp.

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