Say Hello to a Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner that knows how to let its hair down and have a good time.


My Moxy is on a mission to empower the everyday with a little more nerve and gusto.

We all deserve shampoos and conditioners that are better for us and better for our world. We’re driven to create the best shampoos and conditioners from the available ingredients – both natural and scientific – for an effective, nourishing experience that is safer for us and the world we live in.


We’re here for the long haul to create kick-ass, science-backed self-care products that improve health and happiness for people everywhere.


We believe science and nature can work together to deliver a product that’s better for us – and for the world we live in. After 50 years of selling ingredients to the personal care industry, it was time to put that belief into practice to create the best possible product for you. Now, using science-backed ingredients and natural elements, we create shampoos and conditioners that are safe and effective – without harmful side effects for you or damaging consequences to the environment.

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