Moxy is more than just a word – it's a way of being!

Good hair science uses ingredients tested to get the job done well, while staying committed to avoiding chemicals and additives that do damage. Your hair care products should be about a proven, safe, positive self expression – not about hype.

Even with the best care, your hair goes through it everyday with build-ups of dead skin, oil, and environmental pollution like exhaust, dust, and other particulate matter. My Moxy is a clarifying shampoo designed to remove those everyday pollutants from your hair, leaving it shining bright and healthy so you can get after what really matters.

Put away the everyday – reach for My Moxy, a Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner that detoxifies and rebalances your locks from the very first use.

Be Moxy Free

All of our products are free of:


Though sulfates are commonly found in shampoos for their lathering effect to remove dirt and oil, they have real downsides. They strip away moisture from your hair - leaving your locks dry and unhealthy - and can cause allergic reactions. Sulfates are also derived from petroleum, meaning the more we rely on them, the more we jeopardize the planet. My Moxy is made without these chemical cleansing agents.


Kathon is a preservative that’s found in water-based personal care products and cosmetics, as well as in household cleaning products like detergents. This potential irritant can cause allergic reactions, especially for sensitive skin. Preservatives like Kathon may also cause a “preservative build up effect” from ingredients added to shampoos and conditioners. My Moxy is made without these preservatives.


Used to extend the shelf life of cosmetic products, especially in daily-use products like shampoos and conditioners. Parabens, which are easily absorbed into your scalp, have been linked to a number of problems, including hair loss, breast cancer, and reproductive issues. My Moxy is made without these chemicals. 


Included in personal care products for its slick, smooth feeling, silicone doesn’t impart any benefits. That protective barrier that feels healthy is preventing essential nourishment from reaching your hair follicles, creating build-up over time that weakens your hair, causing it to be more prone to breakage. In addition to being bad for the skin and scalp, non-biodegradable silicones are bad for the environment. My Moxy is made without these polymers.


Found on the California Proposition 65 Ingredient List which warns of exposure to harmful chemicals, Betaine is included in shampoos as a detergent and surfactant designed to increase the amount of foam lather. Betaine can also cause skin irritation, allergies, and even rosacea and eczema. My Moxy is made with a newer technology that is more natural and less irritating

No Ethoxylates

Ethoxylates contain trace amounts of 1, 4-Dioxane, a potential carcinogen listed in California’s Proposition 65 as “not for skin contact”. Ethoxylates can also find its way into the water supply, where it can become concentrated, and can cause damage to the environment.